• Omg – Team USA
    This is Roll Line. They are the makers of the highest end plates, toe stops, cushions and wheels on the market. They’ve been involved in the quad hockey and quad figure skating world for years now, I’m so excited they’re showing an interest in roller derby. Everyone, get ready to step up your game!

  • Trauma – Team USA
    I have more control on the track than ever before.

  • Melanie Pfister – Team USA
    Stops, transitions and footwork are extremely important to my game and I’m really hard on my equipment. I need wheels and plates that I simply trust to perform like they are part of me, so I can focus on my playing.

  • Second Hand Smoke – Team USA
    Roll-line bearings roll the distance…

  • Master Blaster – Team Germany
    Killer Plates: Weight: I am really sensitive to the weight of my plates and find these to be excellent. They definitely do not restrict movement in bulk or heaviness, making them feel easy to lift to change direction quickly as needed.
    Axles: the titanium definitely help with the weight are so strong and precise, its great. I really prefer the 7mm axles: fantastic as always. Consistent and strong. Incredibly reliable. All the hardware is excellent and strong. Well machined.

  • Kozmic Bruise – Team France
    Je suis conquise par la PLATINE à la fois solide, légère et d’une précision d’orfèvre. C’est un produit magnifique. Quant aux roues, j’aime beaucoup les sensations que procure le polyuréthane: il accroche ou dérape selon la pression ou l’angle qu’on apporte au patin.

  • AmazonAgetyA #78 – NRRD Northern Rivers Roller Derby Australia
    The super speed race wheels are so adaptable, they suit the polished concrete floors of my home track. The Rapido wheels were great on the polished wooden sports floors.
    I love how light and strong the Killer plates are, so much more speed and agility.

  • Swede Hurt #46 – Gotham Girls Roller Derby
    I’ve had so much fun on those plates, we performs well together, we make a great team. For be to become better and push myself, I need to trust my gear to perform and with my roll-line plates I never have to worry to fail. I have never regretted getting on roll-line plates, it’s a perfect fit.
    I know I can trust my Roll Line round toe stops to always perform, no matter what floor I am on. This is so important when you travel and never know what floor you will end up skating on.
    My Roll Line Killer plates are amazing; I’ve loved them since day one. This is a plate that allows me to perform on any skating surface.

  • Miss Tea Maven #1706 – Gotham Girls Roller Derby
    I love the Roll Line round toe stops – they don’t wear out as easily as other toe stops, and have just the right about of bounce for fancy footwork.
    The Roll Line plates are fantastic. I’ve never had so much response from a plate before. There is so much room for personal customization – I can have them set exactly the way I like them!

  • Roxy Dallas, co-captain #41 – Gotham Girls Roller Derby
    I love the stopping power and stability of my Roll Line Hockey toe stops. They give me the control I need to stay agile on my toes while bracing and during quick stops and starts.
    Moving up to the Roll Line plates was the ultimate upgrade – I immediately noticed how light and responsive they are.

  • Puss n’Glutes #999″ – Gotham Girls Roller Derby
    Ever since switching to the Roll Line plates, I feel lighter and faster. My skates are more responsive than ever!

  • Sexy Slaydie #68 – Gotham Girls Roller Derby
    I noticed a difference in performance of the Roll Line plates immediately. Improved accuracy with change in direction and stopping performance. The responsiveness is great, too.
    I’m able to shift laterally faster than ever before. I am very hard on my plates- I push really hard-crossing over, cutting, stomping, dragging my skate, and driving down on my toe stops. I like the lightness of the plates and appreciate the durability.

  • Cherry Napalm #111 – Gotham Girls Roller Derby
    I love the control I have with my new Roll Line set-up! My plates and Gladiator wheels give me so much stop and go power!

  • Hela Skelter #31 – Gotham Girls Roller Derby
    The plates are perfect. They’re light and strong, and give me tons of control when I’m juking around someone, or trying to dig into a really quick one-footed plow in front of a jammer. I loved them instantly.
  • Caf Fiend #314″ – Gotham Girls Roller Derby
    The plates were a perfect fit for me! Skating on them makes transitions on my edges feel effortless.
    The Gladiator wheels give me a good balance of grip and slide, and only took two practices to break in!
  • Anne Frankenstein #1818 – Gotham Girls Roller Derby
    I’ve been a huge fan of Roll Line since I started skating competitively about 6 years ago. Roll Line plates are well built, give me as much turning action as I need, and last forever. They offer a highly customizable experience whatever your skating style.
    Best equipment on the market! Highly recommended.
  • Flo It All #15 – Gotham Girls Roller Derby
    The Gladiator wheels give me a good balance of grip and slide, and only took two practices to break in!
  • Bonnie Thunders, Captain #340 – Gotham Girls Roller Derby
    The Roll Line plates gives me complete control in my one footed stops and maneuvers that are so important to my skating style. I can’t imagine skating on another plate, ever.
  • Danielle Flowers aka OMG WTF, Co-captain #10 – Gotham Girls Roller Derby
    The Gladiator wheels are like a breath of fresh air on the wheel market right now. This wheel is made for performance. I opened a pack of the 95A Gladiator wheels skated one practice on Sport Court and they felt perfectly broken in, I had slide where I wanted and dig when I needed it.
    The hub to urethane ratio also helps me get the most control possible out of my skating, while still giving me a quick roll to cut off my opponents. I know what I will be packing in my bag for the WFTDA Playoff tournament this season.
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  • Roll-Line - Gotham Girls feedback
  • Roll-Line - Gotham Girls feedback