Speed Max ABEC 9 (8 mm)

//Speed Max ABEC 9 (8 mm)

Speed Max ABEC 9 (8 mm)

The only bearings with 11 balls, the fastest in the market, patented by Roll Line

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The bearing Speed Max is made of a specially treated steel.
Designed and patented by Roll Line to ensure to the athlete never achieved performances!
Its outer ring of increased thickness protects from deformation, minimizing friction and stress, allowing to reach an exceptional speed.
The internal machining with a unique assembly between the spheres and the rings ensures to keep the speed acquired after the push to be maintained high and constant even after many meters.

  • For 8 mm axles

Press Release

October 26, 2015 – The prestigious publication of economics “Il Sole 24 Ore” published a Case Study on TM Technology – Roll Line in “Doing Business in the Northeast” (in italian language)

Roll Line - Sole 24 Ore 2015-10-26.pdf