Press Release

October 26, 2015 – The prestigious publication of economics “Il Sole 24 Ore” published a Case Study on TM Technology – Roll Line in “Doing Business in the Northeast” (in italian language)

Roll Line - Sole 24 Ore 2015-10-26.pdf



Roll-line plates (and toe stops) and the other gear in general, being manufactured in Europe have a Metric Thread. This means for example that you may not use a toe stop of a competitor brand on a Roll-line Plate.
For this reason the Roll-line Amber toe stops are coming in two versions: with metric or imperial thread.
Roll-line is the only factory producing plates for derby coming with 7mm axles on the trucks.
This is coming from our decennary experience in artistic field where high performances and lightness are a must. Our extremely advanced technology allow us to offer to our customers an extraordinary light-weight with an exceptional structural resistance.

All the Roll-line plates are coming with standard 7mm trucks.
On demand the some of them can be available with 8 mm trucks (check the product section for more info).

No, Roll-line plates are compatible with any kind of wheels.
You may only be careful about the bearings. “Normal” bearings for derby have a 8 mm internal hole diameter. With Roll-line plate you should use 7 mm bearings.
(By purchasing the 8 mm truck version no changes are needed.)

The wheels that roll-line is proposing for derby are the ones that have been succesfully used in other disciplines as “dance” and “hockey”.
After having studied the wheels generally used by the derby player we noticed that our wheels were absolutely adapt for their needs.
Our wheels are the only ones to be manually rectified, this to allow the surface to be particullary smooth.
This particularity allows the wheels to have a larger surface of contact with the ground.
This is the secret of Roll-Line: no need of a wide wheel, as you can have the same grip with a more narrow one.
Roll-line wheels can be used both by blocker and jammers, gaining speed, lightweight and more manoeuvrability.

To choose the size of your Roll-Line plates you can refer to this comparison chart that shows for each size of the plates the total length in mm; the sizes (example 150-160 etc) refers to the length between the two axles (in mm).
Ask to your dealer to help you to measure the length of your boots, according to this data, the chart will tell you which size fits the best.

It is not possible to directly buy the goods on internet from the Roll-line’s web site but you may contact our retailers.
They often offer the opportunity to buy on line and ship the goods to your home address.

Roll-line do not sell directly to private customers.
You may contact our retailers to enquire about the retail prices.